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Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
May 31, 2013 – I love inspiring films!  I enjoy stories where people are saved, and good triumphs over evil.  I love movies where lofty goals are set and achieved and even surpassed.  The story told in the documentary film “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” is just such a story. 

JOE CROSS WAS FAT.  Very fat!  He weighed 310 pounds. He was also sick. Very sick!  He had chronic urticaria, a rare skin disorder that produces hives and welts all over the body.  Joe was medicating himself to death and not just with prescription medicines.  He was overdosing on FOOD!   His health affected his mind, and his mind affected his attitude.  He finally came to a point where he decided that he had to make changes in his lifestyle.  Drastic changes.  He reached a tipping point.  Joe set an ambitious goal to find an answer, an answer that he hoped he would find by drinking only one thing…natural juice.

WHAT IS JUICING?  Juicing is the process of drinking healthy micronutrients that are found in the fresh vegetables and fruits that should be a part of any healthy diet.  With the help of a juicing machine, pulps are separated from liquids, while micronutrients remain with the juice.  Joe had help.  He consulted with Dr. Joel Fuhrman who took blood tests and did a thorough exam.  Then Joe began a 10-day juice fast.  A juice fast means that fruit and vegetable juices are the only things that Joe was allowed to consume.  After 10 days suffering from withdrawal from meats and processed foods, Joe detoxified and he started feeling better.  Much better.  His juice fast continued.

A CROSS COUNTRY TRIP.  After 30 days Joe took his fast on the road.  He drove across the country.  Everywhere he went he stopped and talked to people that he met along the way.  He talked to many over weight Americans and asked them why they ate the way they did.  Did people know that their eating habits were killing them?  He showed them before and after pictures of himself.   He showed them his juicer.  He let them taste his mean-green juice recipe.  He shared his motivating story.  He began to win converts.

A LIFE IS SAVED.  Joe met one truck driver who weighed 491 pounds, who suffered from the same skin disorder that Joe had.  His name was Phil Staples.  Joe shared his health secrets with Phil and promised him that he would help him if he ever wanted to change.  A few weeks later Joe was back in Australia.  Phil contacted Joe, and he desperately wanted help.  Joe didn’t hesitate.  He knew how serious the situation was.  Joe knew that if Phil had been a drowning man,  that he was at the point of being underwater gulping in mouthfuls of water and sinking to the bottom fast.

THE PATH TO HEALTH.  Joe carefully showed Phil the same path that he had walked and soon after consulting a doctor and enduring his first 10-day fast, remarkable things started to happen to Phil.  In just 10 days he lost 16 pounds!  The results were amazing.  The process continued util Phil lost hundreds of pounds.  He became a new man entirely.  He was literally half the man (or less) that he used to be!  And his will to live and his attitude toward life was reborn and he became focused and clear.

CONCLUSION.  Today Joe and Phil are both working to help others become healthy, well, and very much alive.  The documentary is a must see!   Truly inspirational.  A testimony that you can reboot your system.  You can “Get Where You’re Goaling!”

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