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Couple Survives Airplane Crash!

My name is RICH KIRKHAM and I am passionate about setting goals!  Why am I passionate about setting goals?  Because setting and achieving goals gives meaning to your life.  Life is a game and goals help you keep score.

I am a proud member of the SURVIVOR’S CLUB!  What is the “Survivor’s Club” you say? Well, its not a club for everyone but you too may be a member of the Survivor’s Club.  You qualify as a member of this unique group, according to Ben Sherwood, author of the best seller, The Survivor’s Club, if you, like me, have survived an razor-thin, life threatening experience — one that should have taken your life!  Sometimes those life changing accidents turn into tipping points that prompt us to change, to set goals and to become new again.

In my case the tipping point was a plane crash that should have taken my life.  My wife and I actually survived the mid-night CRASH of our single engine airplane in 1985.  I was a young father and an ambitious business man on a fast course.  That horrible accident taught me to slow down, to enjoy every wonderful step of my journey through life.  That single event taught me that life can end tomorrow, so make today count.  In my book I write about this harrowing experience and how falling out of the sky changed my life.  In my book HOW TO GET WHERE YOU’RE GOALING I talk about having dreams and plans to get you to those dreams.  I share stories and advice that I picked up along the way after I fell from the sky to a new low in my life.  You can download a copy of my book free, here at my website.  Thats just one of the many resources that you will find on these pages FREE!  I do this because I want to encourage others to be goal setters AND goal achievers!

Our 2 year old inspects the crash

I have always been a goal setter but surviving that life-changing accident inspired me and now I realize that EVERY DAY IS A GIFT!  TOMORROW YOUR LIFE CAN ALL BE OVER!  Are you living the life you want to live NOW!  Are you finding the joy, meaning, and purpose of your life?  Are you accomplishing significant things that will allow you to look back on your life with fond memories and no regrets?  Do you want to get more out of each day, more out of your life?  If this describes YOU, then this website can help!

The gems you will find here will inspire you! You can find links, get new ideas, share ideas, and learn techniques so  how you can do more every day of your life just by setting goals!

  • Goal Setters are not born, they are made!
  • Goal Setting is not a talent, its a habit!
  • Goal Setting is not just for some people, its for everyone!

Start today! Explore this website!  It will help you GET WHERE YOU’RE GOALING!

How will YOU make TODAY count? What ARE your goals?

You never know … TODAY MAY BE YOUR LAST!


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