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In 1970, when I was just 15 years old, I wrote down 156 goals and called it my “LIFE LIST”.  It was meant to be a blueprint for my life.  Of course over time we all grow up.  Our ideas and perspectives usually change and deepen.  And so it has been with me.  I didn’t just set 156 goals and say, “That’s enough!”  I continued to set new goals and add to that list.  My life list has grown one goal at a time. Every day, every month, every year, I set more goals. I’ve even scratched a few off the list occasionally but that’s my prerogative.  After all, its my list and my life!  I won’t pursue a bad idea just because I once wrote it down on a piece of paper.

That being said, the act of writing goals challenges us as humans.  The goal looks up at us from the paper and says, “I just dare you to try!”   I am a believer in the power that goals have to motivate and move us along in our course in life. They help us to become all that we can be and should be.

So here is the continuation of my LIFE LIST.  Many of my goals I have borrowed from others who I admire, or can do things, or have things that I would like to have or do.  Like a collector, I want to adopt the best attributes and hobbies I can find in those around me.  That’s how goals work.  Whether we are infants learning to walk or scientists replicating complex experiments in the laboratory, we all are inspired by others who set and achieve great things in their lives. Its then up to each of us to add our own twist of charm to make that accomplishment uniquely our own goal.

Here I share with you some of the over 600 goals I have worked on SINCE I wrote down that original list of 156 goals in 1970. I don’t share all my goals with you because frankly some are technical, some are personal, and some are out and outright BORING!  But there have been a few interesting ones along the way.  Some that you might like to think about or respond to.

With that, I wish you the best and I hope that you GET WHERE YOU’RE GOALING.


  • Lynda

    this is Kristen Taysom and Anna and Merrill Eggimann

    We want to thank you for inspiring us to make new goals. We are at grandma’s and we are going to make our goals. NOW!.

  • Whenever you would like to get a push to carry out your goals, insure that friends close to you know about your personal improvement goals so that there’s enough public pressure on you all the time. Reporting to them would make you think a lot about letting go of your goal .