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Here of some of the best tools I have found available on the web for organizing your GOALS and TASKS.  I pass these along to you as an unpaid endorser.  I receive no commissions for any of the products featured here.

Toodledo – Great TO-DO task list that lets you track your goals and tasks on your desktop and on your iphone. Pro users can collaborate on lists, goals, and projects. I use this application every day both on my desktop and on my iphone.  It’s a must have and IT’S A FREE DOWNLOAD!


hans glintHans Glint author of “What Do You Want To Do With The Rest Of Your Life” has, like me, put his entire book online for free!  Don’t let the price fool you!  This is an excellent book.  He helps you to think about who you are, based on your past, your present, and your future.  He helps you examine who the influencers are in your life and how they account for who you are today.  His concluding chapter “Making the Decision” helps you zero in the big decision: What you are going to do with the rest of your life?


The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia

Self Improvement from – – is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement on the Internet.  Hundreds of self-help articles and ideas for ideas in every area of life from acupuncture to yodeling!  Check it out! here are a few of the links listed on their site.

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